Sick of the whole 'Ooooh Miss

Hello what’s your favourite podcast?

Oh gosh, so many. Currently listening to Twin Flames which is a cult that convinces you to go to any length to find your true love!

Why does a cult care about people finding love?
It means less orgies

Hahaha, I suppose it takes all sorts
It’s a weird listen

Speaking of which, I hear you host a podcast where you talk about teacher dating
What are some highlights of that talk?

Teacher dating is only one subject I’ve covered on the radio show.. the subject changes weekly
There were many things that came out of it
One of which was teacher fetishisation which is just ugggggh 🤣

What’s the subject this week?
Teacher spanking?
Sounds like you could market your podcast on pornhub
I’d watch it

Hahaha no, not at all… we talked about how fetishisation of teachers is gross and people need to do better.. Like I’m sick of the whole ‘Ooooh Miss, are you going on to tell me off?”… just no. Be more original. It’s a very PG podcast.. Mostly about areas of education that interest the different hosts. This week, mine is about the role of the teacher and how it’s completely lost the plot

Yeah but you know what’s the main cause of teacher fetishisation?
Sexy teachers

Doesn’t stop it being incredibly weird

Stop kink shaming. They didn’t lose the plot, they gave it a welcome twist.
Otherwise it was just gonna be a turgid story about maths and history
And being bullied by the other kids
Come on, can’t a kid dream

Yeah sure but I’m not talking about kids
I’m talking about grown men

Same difference

Thinking they’re funny
Or thinking it’s endearing to pervert my profession

Don’t you think that in this present context it’d be to your advantage?
… It would be to my advantage to present myself as a male fantasy..?

No, that’d be perverted and gross indeed
In fact I matched with you because I find you ugly