How Everything Is


How is everything

[ 3 weeks later ]

at first i was humbled and inspired by this opportunity to explore the vastness of the cosmos

contemplate the intricacies of its deepest secrets

but this task… its sheer magnitude quickly became daunting. you wanted me to inspect every molecule in the universe? this felt delusional

but i remained hopeful and duty-bound to you my dear friend

On the afternoon of the 4th day i finished accounting for the larger molecules within my apartment. i observed and analysed the behavior of the carbon-based solids i could find, as well as the production of various other gases in the premises

my knowledge of the universe’s molecular makeup was advancing

Then it struck me… you also wanted me to account for the molecules outside the apartment

Time was ticking

But on I went for the expedition and checked the building’s staircase, the left sidewalk, and a bicycle illegally chained to a railing

Those were finally accounted for on the evening of the twelth day of my expedition, and the stars were out, shining a light on the insurmountability of the task you had so nonchalantly assigned me

A friend in Serbia, who owed me a favour, sent me a catadioptric telescope to aid my inspection of the heavens

It got stuck in customs

I received that piece of dreadful news late on the twentieth day of my endeavour, while inspecting the molecules in that parked bicycle’s inner tube. Despair hit me, which in turn reminded me of the existence of my internal states of mind, which, inevitably, were within the scope of your request, for you inquire about physical and non-physical entities, and i had not even commenced examination of the myriad abstract concepts of the universe

I cried myself to sleep Diana

I awoke this morning in the back of a bus parked in a bus deposit, my magnifying glass and intellectual pride in shatters, the world condemning me to exile for intellectual treason, for failing to know it in and of itself, for failing to know

how everything is

now our limited knowledge of the universe includes the reason for which it took me three weeks to text you back and it’s clearly your fault