Narravaganza is an online collection of humorous short stories and flash fiction. The stories here range from misadventures in a spiritual radio station to hilarious interpretations of classic jokes. Punchy and concise narratives to address some needs of the digital age.


  1. Make you laugh or smile.
  2. Try writing in digital vernacular – the writing style that emerged from the Internet.
  3. Use various Internet mediums (e.g. social media posts, text messages, emails, etc.) as a literary technique to tell a story. I want to produce beautiful pieces of digital literary realism).
  4. Avoid traditional publishing, which restricts readership to a tiny percentage of the world population willing to pay for the work. Whereas on this website, it is freely available to everyone.
  5. Make available all previous editions of the texts through this repository’s git history.


All stories hosted on this site are fictitious.


All stories are licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).


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Incited by the Clerkenwell Writers Asylum. Received feedback from Pupa I.


Incited by the All Good Bookshop Writing Group

Comet Jordi

Incited by Danielito H. Spanish version proofread by Patriczia C.

Critical Mass

Incited by Matt B.

Chatty Chakras

Improved with feedback from the BA Writers Group

Live at the Baby Seal

Improved with feedback from Alejandro J.

Reliable Massage

Inspired by a Writers Group that shall remain unknown

The Boiled Tomato Technique

Improved with feedback from Diana G.

Fajeever And I

Improved with feedback from Joan D.

How Everything Is

Incited by Diana G.

Plane Happy

Improved with feedback from Dina S., Diana G., Mikey B., and the Paris Writers Group

Dedicated to Pupa I.

The Pedaler of Enlightenment

Improved with feedback from the All Good Bookshop Writing Group

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